Below are genuine testimonials from past clients and colleagues of Sklar & Sklar.

“I was referred to Sklar & Sklar on a trust matter. Thank goodness! Bryan Sklar could not have been better. We were in trial for 6 weeks, and we won!! Throughout the entire process, Bryan was very open, honest and patient with me. I had a lot of questions and concerns, as you can well imagine. He took all the time needed to help me understand the issues, the processes and the timing of everything. It has been a long road, but through it all, I always knew he was there taking care of me. He is conscientious, making sure everything is done properly and professionally. He communicates when anything happened, so I knew exactly what was going on and what was going to happen. I was treated with respect and kindness, and felt I was part of team trying to get through a difficult time. Bryan is truly a gem. It is my pleasure to write this review, and I would like everyone to know how hard this man works for his clients. You could not be in better hands!”

– Client, L.R.

“In July of 2016, I was involved in a car accident and ended up in the hospital. When I got home, I started receiving medical bills and became very overwhelmed. I was fortunate to know of Scott Sklar since he had done work for my mother. So I knew him to be an exceptional, kind and helpful, and an honest attorney. When I met Brian, I was happy to see that he was exactly like his father. They kept me apprised each step of the way. I never spoke to a secretary, it was always to Scott or Brian. They were very upfront and personal and I never had to worry about where the case was or where it was going. I was very pleased with the resolution of my case. I could not have asked for better representation. I’m writing this for people who may need exceptional attorneys. They genuinely care about their clients. You are never just another case.”

– Client, S.N.

“I recently utilized the legal services of attorney Scott Sklar and his son Bryan in a difficult case. Scott and Bryan were highly recommended to me by very prominent attorneys on the state and local levels. Being a professional and facing a very stressful situation, I needed the very best representation to guide me through this stressful process. From my initial consultation, to my final day in court, I couldn’t have asked for a more brilliant and caring team. The level of commitment and professionalism by Scott and Bryan are unmatched. I was never rushed and all of my questions and concerns were answered promptly, something you don’t find these days. Whether you are facing a criminal, personal injury or general litigation case, Scott and Bryan are the team you want by your side. I trust these men with my life. I am forever grateful.”

– Client, K.V.

“About a year ago, I was involved in an automobile accident which left me in a lot of pain and stress. Scott and Brian were referred to me by a family friend. I found them to be kind and caring, honest and excellent attorneys. I never had to worry about anything. They took excellent care of all aspects of my case from start to finish. I was extremely pleased with the outcome.”

– Client, S.W.

“Approximately eight months ago I was notified I was being sued by a party in the Palm Springs area. I live in Oklahoma. I called a friend in Palm Springs to have a law firm recommended to me. He gave me the name of Sklar and Sklar in Palm Springs. After a telephone conversation with them, I flew to Palm Springs and met with Scott and Bryan. Unfortunately I procrastinated and called Scott and notified him of a hearing the following day. Had Scott and Bryan not been willing to prepare motions and present them to the court the following day I would have had a judgment against me. Subsequently they prepared other motions until the party suing me dismissed the case. It felt like a mountain had been lifted off my back. If I need a law firm in the southern California area again I would call them. You can see my court case in the public files. Thank you again Scott and Bryan.”

– Client, D.J.

“My mother passed away in December 2013 and had a house and didn’t have a will I was her only child and 18 years old and wasn’t sure how to take the next step. Two years later I met Bryan Sklar who was recommended to me by my realtor. Bryan helped me through the process of probate to get my mother’s house to be put into my name, so in the end I was able to sell it. In every step of the way leading to the court date, I was personally emailed or in constant contact by Bryan about any updates leading to the court date. In the end it was a success! Bryan knows exactly what he is doing and very knowledgeable about his profession and now for any further things I encounter I know I can trust Bryan to help me out! Thank you!”

– Client C.B.

“I retained Scott Sklar as my attorney in a medical malpractice action. I was very impressed with the time and effort he put into my case. Scott is knowledgeable, competent and would keep me apprised of all material events in the ongoing litigation. He was successful in resolving my case to my satisfaction. I appreciate all that he has done for me and would always refer him to my friends and family.”

– Client T.R.

“Scott’s been a friend, and our family’s lawyer for close to twenty years. He’s always been a straight shooter, and tells it like it is. When I ask for his legal counsel I may not always like what he says, but I always trust what he says. If I ever had to make that “three a.m.” phone call, Sklar and Sklar’s phone would be ringing.”

– Bradley Wolff, DC

“Scott has been my lawyer and more importantly, my friend for many years. Scott is dedicated to his profession, loyal to his clients, and very competent and skilled at what he does. Scott and his son Bryan have the utmost integrity and share the same common goal of putting forth the maximum effort to achieve the maximum result for their clients. I highly recommend their services to anyone or any business in need of aggressive, competent and compassionate counsel.”

– Edward Lambert, CPA, Ph.D.

“Now that the dust has settled, we wanted to thank you for the high quality legal service you provided to us. When we needed legal assistance, I had a Seattle attorney friend research our best legal choice in the Coachella Valley; and he recommended your firm. That is why we called. We found your “team approach”, creativity, and honest, open communication refreshing and comfortable in an otherwise miserable situation. Thank you. We would certainly recommend The Law Office of Sklar & Sklar to anyone finding themselves in need of legal representation.”

– Mary Dugans, Owner/Kimberly Nilsson, General Manager – Desert Adventures, Inc.

“As a professional myself, I recognize the target qualities needed for successful, skillful medicolegal practice. These qualities must include dedication, sensitivity, discretion, morality, and tenacity. Sklar and Sklar not only displays these fine qualities, they conjure a tenacity in their goals that is unparalleled while still preserving professionalism. As most legal work can function to secure, to protect, or to compensate, Sklar and Sklar is effective in achieving these goals and simultaneously communicating with their clients to create a sense of harmony and calm.”

– Bryan Stone, M.D.